ATLI founded in 1951 as the largest and the oldestchain manufacturing company in turkey and in the Middle-East. Since its foundation, Atlı did not stop following the improvements in the chain manufacturing technologies all over the world and investing accordingly.

By its pin production in 50’s, it has been seen as the symbol of the Turkish Industrialization and exterminated the common conviction of “Turkey could not even produce a pin!”.
In the year 1968, Atlı turned out to be the biggest and the leader manufacturer of wire products all over its region with a wide a production range from variety of chains to pins, screw hooks, paper clips etc…
Beside wire products, in 1968 the machinery plant was established for the production of machinery and industrial plants.

Atli is manufacturing a wide range of chain between Ø3 mm. up to Ø26 mm. consisting high quality grade 80 alloy lifting chains, hot-dip galvanized marine chains and many other spacialty chain products. Also, ATLI is owner of German Norddeutsche Metall-Berufsgenossen Schaft H stamp number 51 for its production of high tech grade 80 alloy chains.

ATLI is able to provide to the total needs of the turkish chain market and has been exporting since 1968,resulting a well-known brand name because of its quality in the international chain market. Over the past years, Atlı has been exporting various chains to many countries such as U.S.A., France, England, Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan and Middle-East countries.

Atlı tire chains are providing quality and safety, by exceeding the customer expections, on snow and ice in winter. In1986, Atlı brought a new point of view to the usual tire chain concept, with its registered trademark “Takmatik”  due to its practical utility and safety.